DavenPR marks 2nd anniversary; sheds “newbie” label

MINNEAPOLIS (January 18, 2018) – A small, but nimble Minneapolis PR/media relations practice has earned a coveted milestone universally recognized and respected for standing the test of time. DavenPR, LLC, which launched in January 2016, is officially two years old. “It’s safe to say this is a thing,” deadpanned owner […]

DavenPR now on the internet, authorities confirm

CYBERSPACE (June 8, 2016) – Internet authorities today confirmed DavenPR is an actual thing—based on newly discovered, irrefutable proof of the existence of a DavenPR website at www.davenpr.com. “We know it’s there because we’ve seen it. We visited the DavenPR website,” an internet spokesperson said. “It has all the characteristics […]

At work or at play, set a pace that keeps you in the game

March is basketball nirvana for me. High school tournaments fill large arenas with fans, pep bands and dreams of a trip to state, while top seeded college teams and Cinderella hopefuls push for a national championship. My love of basketball and my career in public relations seem to be inextricably […]

Want more legitimate story ideas to pitch? Better talk fast!

Back in my corporate media relations days, I truly enjoyed working with colleagues who eagerly sent me story ideas to earn positive news coverage for their internal clients. Sometimes folks marched in with bona fide, slam dunk headline makers. Sometimes, bless their souls, they dropped off some real stinkers. And […]