Daily Archives: May 3, 2017

Have you ever used crazy glue and NOT glued your fingers together? Recently I tried to put the shattered pieces of a ceramic music box back together. Several years ago, I convinced my wife that this delicate family heirloom would survive a flight home in checked baggage. I was wrong. The music box was okay. But the fragile, hand-painted ceramic figure of an Irish dancing girl mounted on top was in more than 20 pieces. At that moment, I quietly vowed that someday I would make this right. I armed myself with several tiny, single-use tubes of super glue and set to work. Impressed with my early progress, I began to work more quickly. Then I promptly fused my fingers together. Panic began to set in while my wife searched the internet for ways to separate superglued fingers. (Try nail polish remover with acetone or immersing the fingers in warm soapy water.) Twenty minutes later, I was back on the project. Within 15 minutes, my fingers were fused again. And so on. Similarly, when a PR crisis hits, the pros know it takes time to put the pieces of an organization’s reputation back together. The pressure to defuse a breaking […]

Managing a messy PR crisis? Be sure to use messages that stick