Daily Archives: May 5, 2016

March is basketball nirvana for me. High school tournaments fill large arenas with fans, pep bands and dreams of a trip to state, while top seeded college teams and Cinderella hopefuls push for a national championship. My love of basketball and my career in public relations seem to be inextricably connected. Both were built on solid coaching, fundamentals and hustle. After earning my degree in journalism, I cut my teeth in small market TV news, covering crimes and courts, school boards and features. I chased deadlines, gained experience and put new skills to the test. On the court, my high school school playing days were over, but I searched for a way to stay in the game. After seven years in TV I switched to public relations. I knew what kind of PR person I wanted to be, based on the myriad interactions I had with them as a journalist. I started with a short stint at a large PR firm, then landed a media relations role at a large hospital and clinic system. I pitched incredible patient care stories and the media were happy to gobble them up. This was about the time I discovered a regular Sunday game […]

At work or at play, set a pace that keeps you in the game