Daily Archives: May 3, 2016

Back in my corporate media relations days, I truly enjoyed working with colleagues who eagerly sent me story ideas to earn positive news coverage for their internal clients. Sometimes folks marched in with bona fide, slam dunk headline makers. Sometimes, bless their souls, they dropped off some real stinkers. And yet we loved the ideas, just the same. Because at a minimum, ideas were conversation starters. Conversations often led to more ideas. Sooner or later, something would stick. But every so often the pipeline of ideas would run dry. Years ago my partner and I tried to think of ways to create a steadier, more predictable flow of story ideas into our media relations office. We agreed on one thing: Sending out yet another meeting invitation to “pitch your story ideas to Ryan and Jen” was not going to get it done. Nobody had the bandwidth or the desire because these meetings usually played out like tension-filled congressional hearings. As the meeting drew closer, people began to feel the pressure to feed the insatiable media relations monster—or else. The pressure to share great ideas often smothered conversation altogether. It could also have the opposite effect, forcing people to cough up […]

Want more legitimate story ideas to pitch? Better talk fast!